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Chrizmas Treez

A collection of Christmas trees and decorations to spruce up your digital home!

Chrizmas Treez aims to bring the magic of Christmas to Polygon with whimsical trees in several unique combinations.

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Sunday, Nov. 28th, 2021 at 8:00am PST

The Treez

With over 30 unique traits, each tree minted has over 100,000 possible outcomes

This means no two trees will ever be alike.

And since there will never be more minted, your unique tree will be the only one in existence!



Tree Typez






Lightz & Ornamentz




Possible Comboz


Perkz Timeline

Tasty, Tasty Perkz

The following timeline gives you an idea of just a few of the perks we have lined up for Chrizmas Treez. There are other, as-yet-unnamed perks and giveaways planned for the project as well. We are also open to community suggestions over on our Discord!

  • 12 Dayz of Chrizmas

    Starting at 25% Sold

    After 25% of our Treez have sold, we initiate the 12 Dayz of Chrizmas. One lucky holder each day from Dec 14 to Dec 25th will recieve ETH directly into their wallet! At 25% sold, we drop .25ETH/day, 50% gets us to .5ETH/day, and 100% sold we give out 1 ETH a day!

  • Charity

    50% Sold

    Once we have sold half of our trees, we will make a donation to Toys 4 Tots, a charitable organization bringing gifts for those less fortunate. You have to help out where you can!

  • Fundz Locked

    75% Sold

    To further show our commitment to this community, we will lock up portions of the proceeds of the initial sale to be released on a schedule to help further development on the Chrizmas Treez project.

  • Giveaway

    80% Sold

    A Giveaway! 50 lucky holders will receive a bonus Tree airdropped into their wallets!

  • 3D Treez

    100% Sold

    As soon as we sell out, we get right to work on our second set of Treez, this time in 3D! Holders of the original Treez will be first in line for pre-sale opportunities.


What do you mean my Tree is unique?

We utilize an algorithm to generate all of our trees based on certain qualities. The algorithm ensures each Tree is unique and once that collection of attributes is used it won't be used again.

What do you mean I own it?

Once you mint your Tree, you own the image and all rights to that image. We no longer have any ownership rights to the Tree and won't even be able to use it ourselves without your permission.

Why Polygon?

We feel that these trees should be had by everone, and currently with ETH gas prices at an all-time high it doesn't make sense to launch these Treez there. Polygon is a logical choice, gas is considerably lower, and it you can still buy and sell Treez on OpenSea, the largest secondary market in the space!